Friday, December 10, 2010


Ive been really busy trying to get my business up and going. *im a makeup artist*
And now we're trying to get through the VA to find out if he has TBI.
we've been to roseburg and portland endless times now. *one hour to roseburg, two hours to portland*
MRI's, EGG's...*lol egg's looks funny*, but neways....
They need to find out if he is having seizures in his sleep.
Going to these appointments has been having an affect on me.
He talks to me more about "over there".
Im starting to having really violent dreams.
There is so much going on and im exhausted.
OH....I also cut the tip of my finger off the other day. Im ok, its ok, but it sucks.
Car broke down...$1,800.00 out the door.
Life's been .....different.
But either way...we putt along.
I have a Creative Photoshoot tomorrow in salem.
*should be good*
I dont know if he's getting better.
He's been talking anti-depressents for awhile now.
He says they're working.
Im too tired to tell.

Thanks to my 1 and only follower!

I gotta go, the kid is up...

......Fear & Loathing in Oregon.......